About the Artist

Bill's art generates from his love for Southeastern Alaska and its people, whose lifestyles and livelihoods are as varied and unique as the landscape:  "The pristine beauty of Southeastern Alaska unfolds to the viewer in myriad ways, where the coastline and islands are met by the surrounding sea - The  combined resources for inspiration of Southeast and its inhabitants are ever present and inexhaustible.  In the same way a fine boat gives testament to intelligent design and craftsmanship, the natural world lavishly purveys what is unquestionably the work of a Master Designer.  Any opportunity I may have to occasionally quicken ones' awareness to these things is for me a part of what an extraordinary privilege it is to be an artist."

From early years spent with shipwrights and commercial fishermen he developed a love of boats, from rowing skiffs to pleasure craft and in particular working wood boats indigenous to the area: "Any well-built boat (of any size) exudes a certain aura and character.  It takes on a life of its own, which  envelops the user, leaving one with a sense of security and pride."

During his upbringing on Gravina Island near Ketchikan, he was influenced by an older generation of pioneer Alaskans.  To some degree he has experienced a lifestyle reminiscent of his mentors: at first working with boat builders and fisherman and later entering the logging industry.  He left Alaska long enough to earn a degree in art from Seattle Pacific University in 1979, followed by 3 1/2 years in Brussels, Belgium, where he worked as an illustrator and graphic designer.  He resides in Ketchikan with his wife Gwenda.  They have two grown daughters.